Hair Product Reviews

The Gentle Blow dryer

Soooo I recently got a new “toy.” What toy you may ask? The Revair blow dryer.  I really like this dryer.  It dries the hair well, and its super gentle.  However, it does take some time to learn how to use it.  For example, depending on the density/thickness of your hair, you may have to use VERY small sections.  I would say my hair has medium density, and I use VERY small sections.  By using small sections I’m able to dry my hair faster, and get my hair much straighter, rather then using thicker sections. 

Now lets talk about time, and how long it takes to dry your whole head.  The first time I used the dryer I have to admit it took me about an hour and a half to get my whole head dry, and I wasn’t impressed by the roots.  The roots were still very thick.  But once I figured out how to use it, (by using smaller sections), everything worked out fine, and I was able to get my roots dry, now it takes me about 30 mins.  Remember the thinner the sections. The less time it takes to dry.  But lets not forget how gentle the dryer is.  Remember, you just insert your hair into the dryer, and keep it in there until it dries to your liking.  There’s no comb attachment, so its not like you’re combing your hair with those teeny tiny comb teeth attachments.

The only issue I have with the dryer is that it’s a bit heavy, so holding it can be a little exhausting, unless you have strong shoulders and arms. Furthermore, its rather large, so if space is an issue, and you just can’t fit another thing in your place of residence, then perhaps this wouldn’t be a good fit for you.  Another issue is the prices.  The Revair is expensive.  As of this post.  The blow dryer will set you back about $300+.  That’s a lot money.  But if you’re a straight haired natural, or a natural that just wants to blow out once in a while, but scared of the combs and the heat, then I think its worth the investment. 

Oh and by the way.  The dryer gets hot enough to dry the hair.  The heat settings go from 0-2.  Zero, having no heat at all (cool shot).  Setting one: 158 degrees Fahrenheit.  Setting two: 220 degrees Fahrenheit. So you won’t get any heat damage since heat burns at 450 degrees Fahrenheit.  I’ve never used a heat protectant on my hair, and I’ve never had any damage.  However, if you just have to use something then try Shea Moisture’s Blow Dry Cream.  

Rating: 4/5 


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