Hair Product Reviews

Spirals, twirls, and curls

If you want a change of style from the usual wash n go, twist out, or braid out.  Then I suggest you head over to My Curl Squad and pick you up some rollers.  My Curl Squad is a small Black owned business that creates this wonderful styling tool.  The owner has two, soon to be three sizes.  Husky, standard, and colossal.  I’ve used the husky and standard and they give the most prettiest curls ever.

Just to give you an example on the size of curls.  Husky is a medium size curl and standard is a small size curl.  I recommend purchasing two packs of each.  The reason for this is because since your hair is wrapped up in a spiral, and enclosed in the rubber holder, means that your hair doesn’t have access to a lot of air.  Therefore, you really can’t put a lot of hair inside.

This past weekend I ended up using nearly 60 of the husky pack and about ten of the standard size because I wanted smaller curls in the front.  If you want to speed up the drying time a bit then you can sit under a dryer.  Its perfectly safe.  I do it all the time. Let me know if you try them!

curl squad


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