Shea Moisture Sellout Sadness


Credit: http://www.lovebscott.com

*sigh*  I must say with sadness that Shea Moisture is no longer Black owned, Unilever announced on Nov. 27, 2017 that they are acquiring Sundial Brands which was under Shea Moisture, Nubian Heritage, and Madam C.J Walker.  Even though the founder of Sundial Brands, Richelieu Dennis, will still be the CEO.  I feel like it just won’t be the same.  Shea Moisture is now a subsidiary of Unilever.   Even though Mr. Dennis will still be able to maintain his CEO title.  Something tells me he really won’t be able to call all the shots.  I feel like he would have to get “permission” to perform certain actions in regards to this empire HE created.

One thing I’ve noticed about Shea Moisture is that they stopped having awesome in store sales.  I remember a couple of years ago Shea Moisture used to have BOGO (buy one get one) free sales at select stores such as Walgreens and CVS.  Recently, the only sales I’ve seen are BOGO at full price and the other at half price.  C’mon!!  That’s not a sale!!  I guess if you rock THAT hard with Shea Moisture then you’ll take whatever you can get.  But true Shea Moisture buyers remember those awesome sales.

Even though Unilever is set to acquire Shea Moisture.  I’m still happy that Shea Moisture will still pay the ladies in Africa living wages for making the shea butter that Shea Moisture uses in there products.

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